Spry's White Dorpers have won 'Champion Pen on Hook' at the Dubbo Hoof and Hook competition in May 2014 out of a whopping 450 entries with no supplementary feeding! All Dorper entries performed extremely well on the hook! ...........Spry's White Dorpers have currently got a selection of quality stud and flock Rams for sale. Due to the adverse seasonal conditions most of NSW have been experiencing in recent months, we have decided to offer Rams for sale, privately in 2014. Please contact Spry's for further details...                             


Kaya White 090258


This Type 5 Ram brings with it everything Sprys looks for in its breeding sires... Carcase, shedding, muscularity and structure in one complete package.

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A good shedding sire. This sire is thick, long and muscular with good, sound feet and legs. This Ram has been used in our breeding program.

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Kaya White 091105

A muscular, carcase ram, with sound feet and good shedding.

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Kaya White 80291


One of Spry’s Type 5 leading joining sires. Purchased from the March, 2011 Kaya/Castlebar sale.

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Kaya White 90948


An excellent quality Type 5 Ram that Spry’s have used heavily in their breeding program in 2011.

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Kaya WHITE 090729

A Type 5 Ram. A similar type of Ram, in pattern, to Kaya White 90948, who has done an excellent job in our breeding program. He has consistently produced  heavily muscled, good shedding with plenty of weight for age progeny for Sprys.


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Highveld 00064

A type 4 Ram purchased from 2011 Dubbo National Dorper and White Dorper Sale. Highveld 00064 possesses great length, shedding and structure.


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Gossamer Downs 090692

An outstanding deep bodied, muscular ram possessing plenty of weight for age, do-ability and excellent structure.


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DELL 9110

The first Dorper sire purchased for Sprys Dorpers. "Sired by John Dell "Alarm", who is one of John Dell and Dell Dorpers (Australia) top breeding sires, breeding good quality, heavy sheep."


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