Spry's White Dorpers have won 'Champion Pen on Hook' at the Dubbo Hoof and Hook competition in May 2014 out of a whopping 450 entries with no supplementary feeding! All Dorper entries performed extremely well on the hook! ...........Spry's White Dorpers have currently got a selection of quality stud and flock Rams for sale. Due to the adverse seasonal conditions most of NSW have been experiencing in recent months, we have decided to offer Rams for sale, privately in 2014. Please contact Spry's for further details...                             


Established in 2010, Spry’s White Dorpers is owned and operated by Matt and Kate Spry of “Hillcrest” Tamworth. Their decision to establish a White Dorper stud originally came out of discussions with both friends and existing cattle clients. Encouraged by the favourable status of the White Dorper breed in Australia coupled with a strong desire to “breed Dorpers like we breed our cattle”, Matt and Kate ventured out and purchased a flock of White Dorper ewes. As with existing breeding programs, Matt and Kate remain firmly focused on producing structurally correct animals with good feet, and great carcase and shedding characteristics. As returns for producers are dependent upon weight and carcase, Sprys are fully committed to producing an animal that has “meat where it counts” – a standard that is reflected in their slogan: Bred for Carcase- Built to Last.

Matt and Kate are enthusiastic advocates of using feedback data as a means to advance seedstock enterprises; and accordingly, they are committed to collecting and assembling the necessary data to further their flock and breed development. From their very first flock, Matt and Kate have used Lambplan to great effect, and firmly believe it to be a tool of the future. They feel that when used in conjunction with subjective measurement, it provides a valuable resource for producers wishing to select individual animals on the basis of specific traits.