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Matt and Kate Spry
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Launched in 2010 by Matt and Kate Spry of Tamworth, Spry’s Angus was essentially established in response to Shorthorn client demands for Angus Bulls to use in their Shorthorn/Angus Crossbreeding programs. Spry’s Angus is run in conjunction with Spry’s Shorthorns and follows much of the same Breeding philosophy. The primary focus of Matt and Kate’s (then) business was their bull breeding program, with their fundamental objective being the production of fertile, medium maturity, structurally correct, value-for-money bulls with strong carcase traits for the commercial cattleman. Since September, 2014 (when Matt commenced working in a different sector of the Beef Industry) Gerald and Lynden Spry now run Spry's Angus.

Gerald and Lynden are emphatic about the importance of genetics - a principle that is reflected in their Angus and Shorthorn slogan, Breeding Better Beef- Supplying Better Bulls. Fastidious in maintaining superior breeding lines, Gerald and Lynden select only the genetics that truly enhance their breeding programs, and give specific focus to identifying the sire and dam lines of particular carcase characteristics: primarily weight for age, yield, fat cover, marbling and meat quality.

After almost fifty years of breeding seedstock, the Spry family believes that they have a solid understanding of what the industry requires. Gerald and Lynden strive to consolidate this knowledge and experience by canvassing client feedback on the article that they produce; believing that a progressive approach is the only way forward for continued growth and production of the right article for the breed.

(Photo- Matt & Kate: Founders of Spry's Angus.. Now owned and managed by Matt's parents, Gerald and Lynden Spry)